"Jacks class was a blast!  Jack is a natural born teacher - We started with a comprehensive drawing of the original rifle, castings from the original, as well as numerous photographs taken from every concievable angle. Some of the things we learned were lock modification, making ramrod thimbles, sights, underlugs and trigger plates. We were taught incised carving techniques and how to shape a stock to the desired architecthure, as well as finishing techniques and brazing with a torch.  It is simply amazing how much one can learn at these seminars from the instructors and from fellow students.  It felt like my mind was on fire!  One simply cannot acquire such in depth knowelege from books or the internet. I would recommend that anyone serious about gun building attend one of these seminars. You will want to return for more! "- Curtis Allinson

Curtis Allinson took Jack Brooks's Stocking a rifle in the style of Verner or Shuler class.

As for the class it was the best 2 week vacation I've taken! ...Reminded me why I went to Gunsmithing school in the first place... Being a morning person every morning I'd be the first up and start the coffee only to find Herschel had already been up and fixed some Hoe cakes and sausage. We are like kings, everyday we had big lunches and dinners. And the pig roast! A couple of KY's finest State Troopers fixed a pig that I'm still talking about. You didn't even need utensils, the meat just fell off the bone! Class was fun, there was so much knowledge to absorb. Frank kept interrupting me by taunting me with beer. He had to work really hard let me tell ya! Time flew by and I enjoyed each day for what it was and before I knew it I was packing up to head back to NM. It was a great trip very one seemed to get along well and enjoy one another's company.
I look forward to going back next summer!! - Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis attended the Woodbury School of gun making class.

Student Testimonials

"We get to see old rifles and reproduce them, and we get to handle them!  Something you don't get to do in museums." - Walt E.

"When you think of the knowlege that is concentrated at this seminar, you can't help but learn something!" - Mike F.

Hank Elwood started these pistols in one of Ron Scott's class  in 2011. The stocks are made from Camphor Burlwood. Some of Hanks thoughts about the seminar in gerneral:  "I did anesthesia for over 30 years as a CRNA and we would do continuing education to maintain our license. Friends locally used to ask me why I went back to Bowling Green since I already know how to make a gun. My response was always the same, 'I know how to do anesthesia to but you can always learn, the same is true in our functional art form.'  We learn from each other, students and instructors."