Student Testimonials

Rifle by Ed Wenger - Jack Brooks Stocking a Rifle in the Style of Verner or Shuler Class

"I wish I had started attending the Seminar earlier.  The quality of instruction is excellent, and the hands on approach gives students first hand knowledge and experience in the many facets of gun building.  All the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and give freely of their experience and techniques.  Whether a beginner, or more experienced builder, the Seminar offers a way to learn and improve your skills.  Just as importantly, the students you meet and interact with share a common interest, and their friendship and camaraderie greatly add to the wonderful experience.  I would especially recommend the Seminar to anyone just beginning, or thinking about delving into the building of flintlocks"  - Ed Wenger.

"The Instructor was so helpful with any questions we had.  All you had to do was ask and you were explained to and shown exactly how to do whatever you asked!" - Donna G.

Engraving by Clint Mitchell - Took a Mark Silver Engraving Class

"I took the Mark Silver engraving class. It was very good. Helped my engraving very much!" - Clint Mitchell

"I never thought I could build a gun!  I got hooked.  It was so fun!" - Beverly D

"Before I attended Jim Kibler's six day class I struggled with achieving anything resembling consistency with my engraving.  My last practice plate in the class was of an entire patchbox.  By the time I finished the class my engraving had greatly improved, as well as my confidence in tackling more difficult engraving projects.  Jim did a fantastic job teaching us"  - CCA

"This is a  Christian Springs rifle I built over two years in Jack Brooks's class" - Michael Wescott

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